Refund policy

Our refund policy

At, our refund policy is simple and easy for our customers. We have partial or full payment refund to our customers to whom we have not fulfilled their criteria or any other rule is violated by us. You may have come across many websites that have repayment policy but they do not follow the refund in any case. But here at we are following strict money back policy if our writer’s work does not match your criterion. We have revision policy for our customers and so we recommend all our customers to go through the revision once they ask for the refund. We consider a refund in the following reasons:

  • If we fail to provide you the assignment or writing on time
  • If you find any plagiarism in the writing
  • Poor quality writing
  • Incomplete revision
  • Unavailable to reach our customer service through mail, call or chat

We entertain the repayment policy only if it is demanded after or within the 7 days of receiving the writing. If your refund is valid and accepted by our Quality Assurance Department (QAD) then the refund will be granted to you within 10-15 days of the time of approval of the refund request. The decision of making a full or partial refund is solely taken by the Quality Assurance Department.

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